Check Out Cardfellow.com Review of Red Carpet Software

One of the premiere industry sites and marketplaces, Cardfellow.com, profiled Red Carpet Software. According to their website, “CardFellow is an advocate for fair and honest credit card processing fees that hosts an online venue where credit card processors compete for businesses.” Cardfellow.com helps all types of businesses secure the most competitive processing solution. Their guidance is not influenced by profit and the solutions available in their marketplace cover every major processing platform on the market today.

We are honored they took the time to talk to us about Red Carpet Software and profile our solution. If you are looking for some great third-party thoughts about our tool please do not hesitate to head to their site and reach out to them.  Here is a link to the article.

If your current processor’s reporting options aren’t giving you the information you need, a third-party option can provide greater insight.

CardFellow’s marketplace service is 100% free and private. They are an advocate for fair and honest credit card processing fees, CardFellow leverages technology to put transparency and education before profits to help their clients find the most competitive credit card processor. From pricing model to common pitfalls, CardFellow teaches businesses exactly how credit card processing works.

“It made sense to get a profile done with such a top-line site like Cardfellow because our missions align in giving merchants all the visibility available into credit card processing,” said Kevin Coll, EVP of Marketing & Communications, First Touch Payment Solutions. “Cardfellow is one of the premiere marketplaces to let our buyers get all the information they can from reliable resources.”

Red Carpet Software is only a click away so check out our product web page and learn more about how our tool can give you all the information you need related to your credit card processing.