Infographic: Credit Card Transaction Processing Flow with Red Carpet Software

Credit Card Transaction Processing Flow is pretty standard in today’s payments acceptance environment but because it is so disparate and involves alot of areas for the transactions to flow it is important to monitor all your transaction from the card swipe all through to deposits in your bank and even the reconciliation points after deposit. However, given the disparate systems it is almost impossible to do this manually requiring many businesses to “hotwire” a home grown system to do this kind of reporting or purchase multiple third-party tools to monitor pieces separately.

First Touch Payment Solutions believes it is important to have a tool that does it all in one place that doesn’t require internal support and maintenance, high infrastructure costs or take you away from your core business. That is why Red Carpet Software is the perfect solution to manage your entire payments portfolio and all the pain points that go with that ranging from processor fees, downgrades, chargebacks to trending and data analytics.

The infographic below shows how Red Carpet Software fits in with your transaction workflow.

Click the image below to enlarge for enhanced viewing.

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