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Red Carpet Software is a new innovative and easy to use method of reporting payments data. Manage chargebacks, downgrades, cost analysis and sales trending all in one place. No more portals and no more spreadsheets.


Chargeback Reduction

Experience a potential 20% reduction in your chargebacks by fighting all chargebacks in one place through one platform.

Settlement Time

Experience 30 minutes of daily savings in FTE time settling disputes, reconciling deposits and building reports on your payments portfolio.

FTE Cost Savings

Red Carpet Software on average can save your business 1-2 FTE in time savings by doing all the heavy lifting on your payments portfolio for you.

Stay Informed

Red Carpet Software Dashboard gives you the ability to receive custom alerts and notifications on events important to you and your business. Actionable reports can be set to be emailed and automated to keep you informed and save time.

Managed Alerts

Choose your alerts and get notifications in a matter of minutes.

Actionable Reports

Emailed reports of your choice and automated actionable reporting.

More Functionality

Daily Funding Settlement Automation

Payments come from so many sources that managing them can be a major pain. Red Carpet Software automatically consolidates and settles every payment into a single daily report and deposit. Settle all transactions from the POS, processor, and bank.

Fight Chargebacks in Minutes!

With Red Carpet Software, you know exactly when disputes occur and what needs to be done to control fees and losses. Take initiative to contest transaction disputes on a fast track basis. Always be the first to know and receive instant alerts and notifications on mission-critical elements such as retrievals or chargebacks. Resolve and fulfill all chargebacks automatically saving time and losses.

Processor and Interchange Visibility Engine

With Red Carpet Software, you know exactly when disputes occur and what needs to be done to control fees and losses. Take the initiative to contest transaction disputes on a fast track basisAlways be the first to know and receive instant alerts and notifications on mission-critical elements such as retrievals or chargebacks. Resolve and fulfill all chargebacks automatically saving time and losses.

Sales Trending Intelligence

Increase your business intelligence with analytics and trending reports on all your card data, transaction information and more. Red Carpet Software’s visibility engine brings the data to you in easy to read reports, graphs and grids all exportable for presentation to your senior leadership. Capture transaction trends by industry, card type, and even department type. If integrated into your POS system Red Carpet Software can bring even more trending reports on transactions by products purchased and more.

Enterprise Cash Dashboard


Enterprise Cash Dashboard is a window and arm directly into cash flow on a store and corporate level. Store side functionality gives the ability to control cash recyclers at any location from anywhere. Cash Sales and Cash Metrics functionality gives you immediate insight into trends and data relations relative to cash. See down to the penny live in each store no matter the size or location and control recycler actions at a corporate to store level.


Inventory Insight

See all-cash recycler's current inventory from every store location live through one dashboard portal.

Sales Tracking

Having immediate and unwavering reporting of inventory in each cash recycler allows for the tracking of sales by various categories.


Enterprise Cash Dashboard is applicable at a store and corporate level giving customized interactions for your needs.


It is important that your software works for you. Enterprise Cash Dashboard has full customization of charts/grids, pages, and plugins allowing it to adapt to the needs of different use cases.


Pages are a way to section off collections of charts/grids and plugins. Pages can be added, removed, and renamed.


Grids/Charts are used to represent trends in and physical data itself in an understandable manner. Various customization can be done in this category.


Plugins allow for added functionality such as Store Map which plots each store along with its current total cash on a map.


Enterprise Cash Dashboard is a web application allowing users to access it from any device that has a web browser. See all cash down to the penny at all store locations from anywhere in the world. Pull reports on cash trends from any date and anywhere by simply logging in and selecting the date range. Control individual cash recycler actions from the push of a button on a phone.

Recycler Functions

Cash in, Cash out, replenish, collect, and POS sales can all be initiated through Store Side on the dashboard.

Data and Reports

Charts/Grids provide instant insight into cash trends, sales, and metrics.

Real Time

All data is updated in real-time allowing for the dashboard to display information a company can act on.

More Functionality


Receive real-time notifications about low/high inventory and abnormal events. Use default or configurable alert rules to eliminate downtime.

Predictive Analysis

Save time and resources by using auto-suggested pickup and delivery schedules based on your inventory trends. This directly translates to FTE cost savings

Corporate Transaction Approval

Allows for the implementation of corporate approval for high-risk transactions. Management can approve or deny large cash transfers in any store from any location

Custom Permissions

Define permission levels relative to store and company needs. Implement user groups to structure dashboard access per use case.



VCash is your one-stop solution for check cashing. Easily enter your business into money services or upgrade from your previous software. VCash fully interfaces with all major hardware including cash recyclers. The ability to remotely capture check images from anywhere in your business, whether they are being cashed or just stored, can greatly increase your processing efficiency.


Check cashing drives revenue by bringing in new foot traffic increasing sales per person.  Our customers tell us they average $4 higher spend for people who cash checks and get better visit frequency and loyalty from all money services. Some of our c-store customers are making millions in revenue from check cashing and money services alone!

Easy To Use

Whether you're currently cashing checks, interested in becoming a money service business or needing a change in technology, VCash, provides your convenience store, grocery chain or retail business flexibility, security, and control. Cloud-based database, verification and risk mitigation tools control losses while our configurable settings suit your money service business needs.

Verify US Treasury Checks Instantly

Never worry about bank and government requirements. VCash helps you identify US Treasury checks that are fake or listed as stop payment.

State of Florida Compliant

Interfaces directly into the State of Florida Check Cashing Database. Never worry about compliance we help you meet all your compliance needs.

Full Hardware

Interfaces with all the latest hardware on the marketplace today including cash recyclers.

More Functionality

Cash Recycler Interface

The only check cashing software on the marketplace today that interfaces directly with cash recycler technology.

Risk Mitigation Tool

Verify the check maker, bank, get corporate approval, supervisor approval and check guarantee to reduce risk and fraud.

Cloud-based Data Access

Get immediate and seamless access to guest history, maker history, transaction data, real-time audits and revenue reports across all locations with the power of the cloud.

Simultaneous Transactions

Perform seamless, safe, secure simultaneous transactions all at once. Cash a check, wire transfer, ATM withdrawal, prepaid card, bill pay, and money order.

Supports All Hardware

Supports all traditional and new forms of hardware interfaces such as webcam, check scanner, ID scanner, cash recycler, cash dispenser, cash drawer, cash safe, receipt printer and more.

Streamline Operations

Replace antiquated or homegrown check cashing technology for a faster, less expensive check-cashing experience.