The Break Down
Tiff Mender is a two-part solution containing back-end and front-end systems. The back end receives X9 files and proceeds to sift through them repairing all images that are not to the tiff standard. During this process, it reports all images that have been repaired, or cannot be repaired to the dashboard. The front end displays information obtained by the back-end during the analyze and repair process; this information is gathered and then displayed by the widgets and page systems of the Tiff Mender dashboard.
Simple. Powerful. Efficient.
Tiff Mender is designed to optimize the process of resolving non-conforming images by giving insight into who sent the image, what the problem is, and why it is a problem, while repairing all images that are repairable.
The server-side handles the repair and reporting of damaged images, saving money and time, while the front end dashboard provides insight into these reports, keeping you up to date on images that do not conform to Tiff standards.

Just let the service run behind the scenes and be informed by our convenient dashboard, alert systems, and live reporting.
The Dashboard
Built on three core concepts
The Dashboard > Page System
What are pages?
Pages are a way to organize widgets into the two primary categories of files that have been processed by TiffMender: Repaired, and InError.

Pages also work to section off more functionality like search and settings.
Why use pages?
With a large library of widgets and the ability to customize pages, it is useful to organize widget information based on priorities.

Each page can provide an in-depth visualization of its respective category with enough customization to be adapted to each user's needs.
The Dashboard > Widget System
What are widgets?
Widgets are data visualization tools meant to draw relationships between data points in a flexible and customizable manner.

Data comprise the widgets, the widgets comprise the pages, and the pages comprise the dashboard.

Widgets come in three form factors:
The Dashboard > Functionality
Real-Time Updates
TiffMender's Real-Time updates will provide you with the insight you need into what is happening behind the scenes.
With the inclusion of live reporting of file progress, and alerts if the program hits a snag, TiffMender attempts to keep downtime to a minimum and your system moving as fast as possible.
Every department has different priorities. Widgets each have levels of customization to optimize a department's efficiency.

Widgets can be scaled, reordered, and switched out with more optimal options.
Advanced Search Feature
Hunting down non-conforming images can be a very time-consuming task. TiffMender resolves this unnecessary time expense by reporting all X9 files containing such images while giving you systems such as Advanced Search to investigate specifics. The advanced search feature allows you to search through all repaired and InError images using various fields. Seeing physical problematic images that could not be repaired is as simple as clicking on the X9 file.
The Service
Image Repair & File Reporting
The Service > Analyze
What is the analyze phase?
The analyze phase is the first process completed on each X9 file found in the drop zone. TiffMender quickly scans through every image in the X9 file gathering useful information to upload to the dashboard while marking non-conforming images to be repaired.
What is the repair phase?
The repair process is run after the analyze process based on the data provided by it. All images marked as non-conforming are repaired. The X9 file is then written out to the output folder and TiffMender's back-end job is complete.
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